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5 Surprising Safety Hazards For Your Baby

Having a baby at home can be pretty great. Especially when they start to crawl or walk and talk, they’re adorable little goofballs. But when they start moving on their own, babies can get into some dangerous situations. Here are some safety hazards to be aware of to avoid some of that danger. And if you’re looking for a perfect baby proofing solution for your fireplace, check out Jamboo Creations’ very own HearthSoft for a stylish way to keep your home safe.

<h2>-Dishwashers </h2>

While it is a very helpful appliance when it comes to saving time cleaning up dirty dishes, it also can be treacherous for a kiddo that doesn’t have a clear understanding of what could hurt them. By giving easy access to sharp objects like knives and forks at a lower height level, a crawling baby or walking toddler can grab onto them, cutting up their hands. Dishwasher soap is just as dangerous. It’s quite corrosive, so if it’s swallowed it can burn the lining of a baby’s mouth and esophagus. The detergent can also irritate skin and eyes if it comes into contact.

The first solution is the easiest. Keep the dishwasher door shut and latched at all times when not being actively used. When loading sharp objects, point them downward in the utensil basket or place them on the top rack where they are less accessible. Keep detergent in a locked cabinet with its lid shut tight. There will be plenty of time to teach your kiddo how to do the dishes in the future.

<h2>-Latex Balloons </h2>

We’ve all heard it. A child crying out for their favorite balloon. But the scary thing about latex balloons is how easy they are to choke on. Babies are notorious for chewing on everything they can get their hands on. This is because they’re trying to learn the taste and texture of different objects, as well as what is food or not. Latex balloons are to be avoided because if swallowed, it can form around a baby’s throat, blocking all airflow.

We recommend mylar balloons to avoid this. Due to their material being more durable, you’re less likely to have something that will pop, spreading small pieces that can be eaten. Never allow biting or chewing on a latex balloon in the event your baby does have one. Don’t let them blow up their own balloons until they’re at least 8 years old to prevent accidental inhalation. If a balloon does pop, be sure you throw away all of the pieces immediately.

<h2>-Ovens and Stovetops </h2>

One of the most painful lessons we all learn early on is how much something that is hot hurts when it burns our skin. This usually happens by accidentally grabbing something on a stovetop. If your oven was installed improperly, it can fall forward if your child climbs onto an open oven door.

It’s important to make sure your oven has been installed with anti-tip brackets, which secure the back legs of the range to the floor. All ovens made after 1991 come with these included, but they can also be obtained by either contacting the manufacturer or at an appliance parts store. Be sure the oven door is closed at all times to prevent accidental burns. If you are cooking with pots and pans with handles, turn them so the handles are not extending past the counter where they can be grabbed or tipped over. If you’re handling cookie sheets straight out of the oven, make sure your little one is not near where you could make contact between them and the scalding hot sheets.

<h2>-Hand-Me-Downs </h2>

When you have a kid, many friends and family will reach out to offer some of their children’s old toys or baby equipment. While this is not something you should turn down outright, it’s important to inspect these “new” items. Depending on the age of the objects, they may have broken or missing parts. Also, they may not meet current safety regulations for use by young children. A high chair without the right safety straps could spell disaster!

Inspect the items for any broken or missing parts. If they can be replaced, do that before giving it to the baby. Ensure any strings, straps, or cords attached to the equipment are shorter than 7 inches to avoid accidental strangulation. Avoid old metal or otherwise painted toys, as they could contain poisonous lead. We recommend checking out to verify any items you may receive meet current safety standards.

<h2>-Power Car Windows </h2>

Even though you might have the top of the line car seat for your baby, that doesn’t mean the car is suddenly danger free. If a child puts their hand out of the window, then accidentally lean on the window switch, it can roll up on them causing serious injury. Fingers can be lost and limbs can be crushed if this happens.

Employ the use of your car’s window lock systems. This will allow the window to either stay open or shut, depending on comfort levels, while preventing any accidental injuries. Newer cars do have pressure sensors in their windows to prevent rolling up when they sense something pushing on it, but that’s not the case on older cars. Children may like to be in control of their windows as they get older. In these cases, teach them to make a head and fingers check prior to rolling up their window. This simple step will make them more aware of where their body is in relation to the window. It’s also important you perform this step before raising the window from the driver’s seat. Also, never leave a child in a vehicle unattended. No matter how quick, it’s just not worth the risk.

While this is by no means an all-inclusive list, we hope you’ll find it useful to keep your little one safe. We’ll continue covering more safety and baby-proofing tips in the future. If you’re looking for a way to keep your home safe while not sacrificing style, check out what Jamboo Creations has to offer. With many products and color options available, you can find the customized look you want with the added bonus of keeping your baby out of harm's way. Call us today to learn more!