Baby Proofing - What Does It Mean and Where Do I Start?

What is Baby Proofing Baby proofing does not in fact mean protecting your house from menacing babies lurking outside; it does instead mean protecting your newborn child from the many everyday menaces lurking within your house that could pose a threat to their safety. One important consideration before you implement a lot of baby-protecting changes in your household is to think about the implications for everyone in the home.  You’ve probably been in the home of a friend or family member who has children and discovered you can’t open a drawer in the kitchen or pass through the safety gate without having to ask for help from the parent.  The issue you need to consider is how to ensure your child’s safety without...

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Why we do the things we do.

I just watched a fascinating presentation by Simon Sinek about what he calls the Golden Circle, or Why we do what it is that we do! It turns our normal way of thinking about how we communicate about ourselves, our companies, our brands, etc. upside down. It forces us to first know why we do something, not just what and how we do something, which sets apart from others. You can check him out on and search Simon Sinek.

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When you just have to share!

Some things in life are just too good to keep to yourself. Not that I'm a big fan of self-flattery, but when someone takes the time to write something nice about you, and does it in a way that makes you have huge belly-laughs at the same time, I just have to share. So with that said, I present to you one of my favorite bloggers...really...she's very, very creative (thus, The Creative Junkie), very witty/funny and just a darn good writer. I present to you, Andrea, the Creative Junkie. No regurgitation today. Instead, just say NO to skull fractures in ugly ass houses! by Creative Junkie on October 3, 2010 As a blogger, my inbox is routinely inundated with emails...

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