Barbara Farley Collection

Barbara Farley has always enjoyed creating her brand of fun and functional art. In recent years she has been drawn to create whimsical and useful home products that are sure to bring a smile to homeowners and guests alike.

The combination of function, decor, and personality make each of the artist's hand painted creations a must-have for hosts, decorators, as well as collectors. These delightful items will make it easy for you to set a beautiful table or buffet for any occasion. Barbara also creates unique and coordinating home accessories including napkin holders, butter dishes, salt & pepper shakers and cake trays.

Inspired by the three-tiered serving tray her mother used in all of her spectacular table settings, Barbara has brought the pieces to a new level with the revolving base and wide assortment of designs. From holiday themed trays to seasonal images and custom designs fitting the whimsy of the owner, Barbara’s line of Three Tiered Trays has exploded into a fan favorite being used as a standalone statement piece or to display small object d’art. 

Jamboo Creations is excited to welcome an artist with a following like Barbara’s as a part of the team. Stay tuned to see what unique creations she comes up with next!