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Revolution Performance Fabrics ®

Revolution Performance Fabrics® are high performance, beautiful and soft home decor fabrics. Woven with Olefin yarn, the fabrics are VIRTUALLY UNSTAINABLE, easy to clean, extremely durable and resistant to fading from the sun. Revolution Performance Fabrics® are made with upcycled fibers and have NO CHEMICAL TREATMENTS making them easy on the environment.

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This is where it all began...a newborn...a fireplace hearth...yikes! We likely wouldn't be here if it weren't for the HearthSoft. It was our first product, made specifically to protect those toddlers when they're just setting off across the room on two legs! Made here in the USA, the HearthSoft is a single piece, made-to-measure hearth cushion that covers every inch of the fireplace hearth. From fabric cutting, to sewing, to stuffing and finishing, each step is performed with oodles of TLC. Exceptional quality. Choose from our selection of Revolution Fabrics.