HearthSoft Information

The HearthSoft® is a made-to-measure, babyproofing custom designed decorative hearth cushion that safely covers the top and sides of the fireplace hearth, protecting infants, toddlers, child or children (or people with disabilities or the elderly living at home) with a soft layer of hearth protection, while adding an attractive and comfortable seating area for you, your family and friends.

The patented* HearthSoft® is designed as a single, lightweight unit, which goes directly from the shipping package to the fireplace hearth. However, it’s constructed and sewn so that the padded skirt – both front and side panels – folds effortlessly underneath the top cushion for easy storage in a closet or under a bed. Because each HearthSoft® is made to exact specifications of each individual hearth, consumers are assured a product that fits snugly and looks great, unlike hearth bumper systems. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

All top and side cushions of the HearthSoft® hearth cushion have zippered entries, allowing consumers the ability to clean the cover if needed. Fabrics used by Jamboo Creations are durable, easy to clean with water, and are flame retardant.

View before and after photos of fireplaces with the HearthSoft®

HearthSoft®, not just a regular fireplace bumper, is designed with two objectives in mind:

  1. to add a safe layer of hearth protection for your child or loved one around the hard surfaces and sharp edges of the fireplace
  2. to create an attractive home furnishing piece that enhances the look and feel of any room using durable, easy-to-clean and flame-retardant designer fabrics.

Safety Features

HearthSoft® hearth cushions use only quality fabrics that are easy to clean and manufactured to meet the Flammability Safety Rating contained in:

  • UFAC Class I
  • NFPA 260
  • California Technical Bulletin #117, Section E (CS-191-53) Class I

The deck (top pad) of the HearthSoft® contains 2” of dense, flame-retardant polyfoam and is wrapped in Dacron®. The skirt (front and side panels) contains 1” dense polyfoam.

CAUTION - Although flame-retardant fabrics are used for making each HearthSoft®, Jamboo Creations strongly recommends that the HearthSoft® be removed from the hearth whenever operating the fireplace in order to avoid any potential fire hazard.

Fabric Specifications

For complete product information on each of our fabrics, please go to the Buy Now page and click on the selected color swatch.

Jamboo Creations builds each HearthSoft® with exceptional, safety-tested materials and meticulously treats each order as a custom-designed home furnishings piece. Every HearthSoft® is cut, sewn and constructed by our staff in our workroom in Atlanta, GA. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Pricing Information

Pricing for Standard HearthSoft® (Solid Colors and Standard Jamboo Fabrics)


Price varies based on Length:

48" to 60


61" to 72" 


73" to 84" 


85" to 96" 


97" to 108"


109" to 120"


*Lengths from 97" to 192" come as two split cushions. You can enter total measurements on our Buy HearthSoft page for available pricing. Contact us for custom quote.


An additional 10% surcharge each will be added for hearths with more than a 20" depth and a height over 12" high. Maximum depth is 28", maximum height is 18". Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.