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    Product Spotlight: HearthSoft Fireplace Hearth Child Proofing Cover


    I remember being pregnant with our first and thinking this could be done in a few hours. Then I quickly realized that it really takes a keen eye weeks to find all of the potential hazards in a home. Child-proofing your fireplace can be a tricky one. The products available that soften the edges are rather costly and not very pleasing to look at.

    I was excited to connect with Jamboo Creations who has developed HearthSoft, the first, custom-tailored fireplace hearth cover that allows you to baby or child-proof your fireplace hearth while maintaining a sense of interior design within your home.

    Here are some specs on the design and materials used in the HearthSoft:

    • 2" of Reflex 40 dense polyfoam on the top deck. Reflex 40 is flame retardant and meets UFAC Class I, California #117 Sec. E, and NFPA codes.
    • 1" of 1.2-32 foam for the skirt.
    • Deck is wrapped with 3/4 oz Dacron
    • Zippered entry on all panels – deck and skirt.

    The fabrics used are 100% polyester microfiber with brushed finish for softness and easily cleans with water. They also meet flammability codes UFAC I, NFPA 260, and Calif. Bulletin #117, Sec. E codes.


    The color swatches [left] show Buckskin, Khaki, Spun Gold, and Olive from left to right. The patterns is woven with a pin dot pattern which gives it slight texture. The brushed finish is very soft to the touch and easy to clean. Jamboo's suggested uses include window treatments, pillows, cushions, table skirts, shower curtains, bedding, residential and commercial upholstery.


    Shown next are Safari, Mist, Spa Blue, and Denim. The denim is a fantastic faux suede with a denim weave texture features a special polyester microdenier yarn that is very soft, durable and easy to keep clean. This fabric is ideal for almost any use in a home with its ease of care and lovely texture.


    I have to say that I normally steer away from denim because while I like the color, it too often feels stiff and catches everything on it. This Risonanza pattern from Jamboo Creations goes against all of that; it is incredibly soft and comfortable. Shown here [next 4 swatches] are Wine, Deep Jungle, Moonlight Night, and Cinnabark. Jamboo Creations stands behind their HearthSoft 100%. They recommend their fabrics be cleaned with water. The mother in me could not resist a little stain test though...


    so I took a bit of the spaghetti from lunch and rubbed it in a bit. After 10 minutes, I removed the actual food part, wiped off the rest with water and it looked pretty close to perfect. Just to be safe I put a bit of stain spray on it, dabbed with water, and then let it sit to dry. The result???? A very easy to care for fabric that is sure to make any parent happy. (see below). Mommy Mentor's Open Sky Shop is proud to be the first to sell the HearthSoft by Jamboo Creations! You can purchase it directly through the links in this blog post and finally be able to ensure your child's safety in a stylish way.