Before Picture - a unique fireplace
"We're very happy with the final results!"

I just wanted to let you know we received the HearthSoft and it fits perfectly. Thank you for taking the extra time to customize the side panels for our unique design. We're very happy with the final results!

John W.
Northbrook, IL

After: it fits perfectly

Before Picture - harsh and unforgivnig fireplace
"In love with my HearthSoft; such a relief!"

Just wanted to say that I'm in love with my HearthSoft! It's such a relief to have my harsh and unforgiving fireplace hearth covered and my kids protected! It looks great, too. I'm happy with my fabric choice. It's a comfy place to sit, too, now!

Ashley S.
Elk River, MN

After: safe, and comfy!

testimonial hearth protector photo
"A Perfect Match!"

I received my order today and absolutely loved it! Thank you for color suggestion - perfect match! Thanks again.


Yelena Y.
Wayland, MA

Our beautiful hearth cover!
"Oh my goodness!!"

Oh my goodness!! I just got my order in and it takes my breath away! It fits beautifully, looks amazing, and feels wonderful!! Thanks so much for all your help! Have a blessed day!

Ronda S.

Our beautiful hearth cover!
"[We] feel so much better now that the fireplace is all padded up"

Received our HearthSoft this past week and it looks so great! Our little guy isn't getting into too much trouble yet but feel so much better now that the fireplace is all padded up!

Courtney M.
Midlothian , VA

Our beautiful hearth cover!
"Love, love, love it!"

Here is a picture of our beautiful hearth cover! Thank you! Everyone that comes in our house asks about it! Love, love, love it! Besides protection for a 1-year-old and 3-year-old, it provides a whole wall of seating. Just can't thank you enough.

Lora R.
Simi Valley, CA

"A tumble that would have resulted in a trip to the Emergency Room"

We have had our HearthSoft for several months now, but today was the first day it actually had to do its job. My slightly-unsteady one-year-old took a tumble that would have resulted in a trip to the emergency room if we didn't have our brick fireplace hearth covered with your product. Instead he just bounced off the top and edge of the hearth and came away without a scratch. Just thinking about how bad it would have been if we had no cover or even just one of those edge protectors brings me almost to tears. Thank you for helping to keep my baby safe!

Melissa H.

Roswell, GA

testimonial hearth protector photo
"[Our HearthSoft] suits our needs perfectly"

I am delighted with our new hearth cover. It suits our needs perfectly. It
arrived moments ago, much faster than expected, and I'll be ordering again
and letting others know how professional you are.

Thank you so much for your guidance! I could not be happier with your service.

Michelle N.
Brandon, MS

My grandson will be kept safe in style!
Childproofing Hearth Protector
"My grandson will be kept safe in style!"

I received my HearthSoft today and I am beyond thrilled! Perfect! I have come to expect less than quality from anything I buy. You did a fantastic job on this and I could not ask for it to be any better! Thank you so much for caring enough to do such a great job. My grandson will be kept safe in style!

Alice B.

Trussville, AL

testimonial hearth protector photo
"I am so happy with it-- it fits our decor perfectly"

I received my HearthSoft yesterday, and OH MY GOODNESS is it pretty! I am so happy with it-- it fits our decor perfectly. Little guy has been crawling all over it already. Thank you again for the great customer service, and a great product. I will definitely recommend you all to any mom's I know that have a fireplace like ours. Also, my mother-in-law may be ordering one for herself! She's an interior decorator and fell in love with ours. Many thanks.


Carly P.
Auburn, WA

testimonial hearth protector photo
"Looks great! My kids love it too!"

Just unpacked and set up the HearthSoft. Looks great! My kids love it too!

Thanks again so much.


Julia M.
Foxboro, MA

testimonial hearth protector photo
"The table topper is a lifesaver and looks fantastic"

The table topper is a lifesaver and looks fantastic! Our little girl can now roll around the room with me breathing easier! We just love it – we now have a comfy ottoman basically and can always remove the cover for adult time in the room when we'd like to use the table as usual. We use the cover in the normal spot for our table and we also push it in front of our fireplace to keep her from touching the fireplace screen, dual purpose! I'm so happy I found your company and have been recommending you to all of our friends!"

Brandee S.
New York, NY

testimonial hearth protector photo

testimonial hearth protector photo
"What a wonderful product!"

I just received my custom HearthSoft. I absolutely love it! It fits perfectly and the color matches my living area décor. What a wonderful product! This is really going to make the room a lot safer for my little one to crawl around. Thank you!

Angela M.

Bedford, TX

testimonial hearth protector photo
"I received the hearthsoft and love it"

Just wanted to let you know that I received the hearthsoft and love it!!! It fits perfectly (despite our fireplace being very uneven) and looks great! Thank you for making this process so easy and making such a great product! I always thought baby proofing would make everything look so tacky but the hearthsoft is something I think we will use even after our daughter grows up. Thanks again!

Rebecca M.
West Chester, PA

testimonial hearth protector photo
testimonial hearth protector photo
"We love our HearthSoft cushion"

I just want to tell you how much we love our HearthSoft cushion. Not only has it saved our son from bumps and bruises, but it looks incredibly stylish with the room's decor. And the craftsmanship is beyond what we expected. Many thanks for such an innovative creation.

David L.

Murphysboro , IL

testimonial hearth protector photo
"The only attractive child proofing I've ever seen for a hearth"

We brought the HearthSoft home today and it fits beautifully! My husband and I are really pleased with it and my son loves it, too! I hope that y'all will continue selling these in the future, as they really are the only attractive child proofing I've ever seen for a hearth. I have finally been able to sit down and relax for the first time since we moved in here without worrying about my son falling and hitting his head on the hearth. I haven't been this excited over a purchase in a long time. Money well spent!!

Thank you again for giving me some peace of mind..

Abigail W
Lawrenceville, GA

testimonial hearth protector photo
"It has surpassed our expectations"

My wife and I just wanted to express our gratitude for the great product. It has surpassed our expectations. The hearth is beautiful and now we don't have to worry about our baby hitting his little head. And he just started standing this week so it got here just in time.

Thank you so much!.

Mike S.
Cogan Station, PA

child safety fireplace protection
amazing safe fireplace hearth cover
"I love my HearthSoft!"

I love my HearthSoft!

Thank you for such a great product!

Melissa B.

Marietta, GA

Before and after shots of the HearthSoft by Jamboo


"One Less Thing to Worry About"

Thank you for such a wonderful product. Our HearthSoft cushion fits perfectly and we now have one less thing to worry about as our baby learns to crawl and walk.

Mary P.


hearth baby proofing


"Looks so good that we plan on keeping it on..."

Thanks!! We love our Jamboo, it looks fabulous with our leather sofa. Our stacked stone fireplace went from a serious safety hazard with jutting stones to a safe cushioned seating area. It looks so good that we plan on keeping it on even once our daughter passes the baby gate stage. All this at about 30- 40% less then if we had paid for a custom one here in Annapolis, Maryland!!!

Tamasin S.

Annapolis, MD

children safe on fireplace
children safe on fireplace
"It's perfect!! Thanks so much!!"

Tania K.

Fairfield, NJ

children safe on fireplace
"We Absolutely Love it!!!"

"We received our Hearth Soft today and we absolutely love it... so much so that friends of ours are going to order one!"

Jason K.

Ballston Lake, NY

Amazingway to protect your fireplace
"The HearthSoft is Amazing!!!"

"The HearthSoft is Amazing!!! Thanks so much Jamboo Creations, we feel so much better with our hearth protected so our little one is safe!"

Lisa S.

Plymouth Meeting, PA

Before and after shots of the HearthSoft by Jamboo


"Great Fireplace Cover... We feel so much safer"

Thanks so much for this great fireplace cover! We love it and feel much safer now with our little one getting into everything. Below please find before and after photos.

Thanks again!

Kathy C.

Roseville, CA

Before Photo of Hearth


After Photo showing the HearthSoft Hearth Protection Cover


"Fits perfect! Thank you so much!!!"

I received my (HearthSoft) cover today and I'm highly pleased! It fit snuggly! Very high quality product and well worth the money! Thank you!

Ruby L.

Greenville, SC

Close Up of the HeartSoft Perfect Fit

HeartSoft perfect fit.

"I am blown away by my HeartSoft"

I am sure this is nothing you have not heard before, but I felt compelled to write to you anyway. I just received my HearthSoft and I am blown away by it. Not only is it extremely well made, but it is beautiful. And most importantly, it is by far the safest hearth cover I have found. I have tried several different types and have been extremely disappointed with the quality, function, and style. I just want to thank you for making such a great product. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Alyson F.

Weymouth, MA

Before and after shots of the hearthsoft by Jamboo


Baby protection for fireplace


"Fits perfect! Thank you so much!!!"

I have to say I am more than pleased with Jamboo Creations! I was a little skeptical at first that the (HearthSoft) would not fit to the exact
dimensions that I sent in, but it fits absolutely perfect! I could not be happier with the looks as well. It gives a richer and warmer feeling to the entire living room.

Both the product and the entire service I received were fantastic. Thank you Jamboo Creations! I am a VERY satisfied customer!"

Chad H.

Shawnee, OK

"We received the HearthSoft last week and its perfect!"

We received the HearthSoft last week and its perfect! Appreciate your timely response…We couldn't be happier with your level of customer service. It completely distinguishes you as the right purchasing decision for customers looking for this product. Well done and look forward to recommending your company to our friends and family in the future.

Matt M.

Whitby, Ontario

"[Jamboo's HearthSoft is] attractive, well made and very comfortable!"

I received my HearthSoft today and am very pleased. It's attractive, well made and very comfortable. The extra seating it provides is a bonus. It transformed our hard, sharp brick hearth. Thank you for a fantastic product. Your customer service is fast, friendly and accommodating. It is obvious you aim to please, and you have!!

Thanks again!

MaryAnn O.

Alpharetta, GA

"It is a custom-made piece that looks lovely in my living room!"

I was looking for a product on the Internet to pad our fireplace hearth. We have a 1-year-old boy crawling and starting to climb and toddle. I wanted to cover the whole hearth, not just pad corners with ugly rubber strips. The Jamboo site showed beautiful pics of hearth pads. I was unsure how to measure so I called and Bill (the owner) had me email a photo then talked me thru the measuring and sent me a diagram with instructions. I was confident we had done it properly. I received my Jamboo pad in about 2 weeks - it is wonderful! A perfect fit! It is a custom-made piece that looks lovely in my living room!

The entire stone hearth is covered and padded and the baby climbs all over it and is safe from bumps and bruises. The hearth also acts as extra seating - it's very inviting to children as well as adults - even the cat loves it! I' m so glad I found Jamboo and recommend it to everyone!
Thank you Jamboo!.


W.Greenburg, PA

Three very safe children
Hearth protection for any size fireplace
"Not only is the product perfect - color, fit, aesthetics, usefulness, but the customer service is spot on! Seriously, it is very hard to find wonderdul customer service these days. Bill is amazing!!"

One of our concerns with buying our current house was the very long brick hearth. We were expecting identical twin girls (and had a 3 year old son) so we needed to cover the hearth. We thought it would be too pricey to custom order a cushion for the hearth so we looked around at other options.

I then decided to email Bill and ask about prices. Wow, we were so surprised with the great price for an incredible product! The entire process was very easy. We measured the hearth, emailed the measurements and color and a few weeks later we had a beautiful cover for our very long hearth!

Thank you, Bill! We will recommend you and your products to everyone! Amazing!

Kelly L.

Cockeysville, MD

Just wanted to tell you that my son received the HearthSoft cover and it fits great.

It actually saved my granddaughter from a fall the first hour it was on. I think his father-in-law maybe ordering one for his hearth. Thanks for the great product.


W.Greenburg, PA

I received my HearthSoft this week. It is beautiful. Color is perfect. Fit is great.

Thank you all for a great customer experience. I think you have great product and feel much better about having my precious, but wobbly, granddaughter over to play.

Dawn A.

Hopkins, Michigan

Comfortable, practical and attractive fireplace protection
"The peace of mind plus the tremendous aesthetic appeal make this product absolutely priceless!"

"After our son had accidentally fallen into the hearth of our fire place the day after his third birthday severely injuring his lower lip, requiring seven stitches for it to be reattached, my wife and I began the search for a product that would provide the necessary safety for our children.

We found foam strips and one size fits all molded corner pieces but nothing that gave us a sense that our kid's were truly protected. When we came upon the HearthSoft cover we wondered if something that looked so nice would provide the necessary protection. After reading the customer reviews we were convinced.

The entire process from requesting the swatches to dealing with the dimensions for our nonconventional hearth was a breeze. My wife and I each breathed sighs of relief when our HearthSoft cover arrived. I recall feeling, for the first time since we've lived in this home, like we could really let our kid's wander around without the constant anxiety over how close they were to the fireplace.

The peace of mind plus the tremendous aesthetic appeal make this product absolutely priceless! Thank you for offering such a tremendous product."

Brad and Kristy V.,

Rosevill, MN

A stylish way to babyproof your fireplace
"Fits perfectly ... plus peace of mind"

"I just wanted to let you know we received our hearth cover today and it is beautiful! It fits perfectly and now adds comfortable seating, plus peace of mind.

Thank you and I will certainly be sharing your company's information with anyone that needs a hearth cover."

Andrea M.

Cedar Park, TX

testimonial hearth protector photo
"The quality speaks for itself"

"I have never been one to leave feedback on anything. I felt it necessary to do so about my HearthSoft cover. I received it this evening and my husband and I are so pleased. The quality speaks for itself.

I have a 13 month old son and I can't tell you how much relief I feel knowing the protection is there. Beats mounds of pillows stacked around hearth!

Thank you and your family for creating such a wonderful product!"

Pam T.,

Daleville, IN

testimonial hearth protector photo
"The workmanship surpassed my expectations"

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my HearthSoft on Wednesday as scheduled. It fits perfectly and looks absolutely beautiful. The workmanship surpassed my expectations.

My husband and I are both extremely pleased with the way it dresses up our livingroom. It's also such a relief to know that I don't have to worry about my toddler injuring herself on the fireplace. I'm sending you a couple of pictures so that you can see how good it looks.

Thanks again.
Another satisfied customer."

Toni K.,

Austin, TX

testimonial photo
" It will save us a lot of $ & needless trips to the emergency room"

"We love the HearthSoft! We received it on Friday and put it on the hearth immediately. It looks great, has created more seating in our family room and most important it is safe for our son who is just about to start crawling! I am sure it will save us a lot of $ & needless trips to the emergency room!"

Kate C.,

Smyrna, GA

testimonial photo
"This will keep my babies safe..."

"I love my HearthSoft! I run a child care in my home and this will keep my babies safe! I just love that I can still have my nice decor but also have a safe place for my little ones! Also, my hearth was anything but a standard design; but Jamboo Creations was easy to work with and the HearthSoft fit perfectly. I love it!!!"

Brenda J.,

Olathe, KS

testimonial photo
"What a great idea and great product!"

I couldn’t be happier! The HearthSoft™ is exactly what I needed not only to provide safety for my child but also to provide the warmth I was looking for in completing our family room. I love it and will tell all my friends and family about it.There is nothing else out there like it. What a great idea and great product!

Thank you from the bottom of my "hearth".

Debra B,

Atlanta, GA

testimonial photo of hearth protector
"I love the quality, durability and stylishness of the piece."

“My husband and I just had our first child, and I had no idea just how much needed to be done to childproof our home! The HearthSoft™ is great! I love the quality, durability and stylishness of the piece – the same quality I would expect to see from a custom design shop, but at half the price.


“I’ll never need to be concerned about Lana’s (our baby girl) safety around our brick fireplace once she gets a little more mobile. In the meantime, every time someone new comes into the room, they immediately ask where we got “that cushion thing on the fireplace.” My husband and I have already referred several of our friends who also have – or are about to have – children. Thank you for a great and safe product.”

Jessica C.

Smyrna, GA

testimonial photo with baby
testimonial photo of hearthsoft
"Handsomely designed and well-made"

The HearthSoft™ has done so much for us. I think the pictures I have taken, first off, speak for themselves as far as how elegant this looks in our home. The HearthSoft™ is handsomely designed and well-made. I ordered a few swatches and played around with options but finally chose the khaki color and couldn't have been more pleased.

The actual functionality has turned out to be wonderful. Our daughter is a voracious traveler and I can't tell you how many times I have worried about her hurting herself on our brick hearth, which just seems to attract her (maybe its the height!). The HearthSoft™ is strong and stable and very soft so I now don't have to jump up when she heads towards the fireplace.

Thanks to you guys - I have already shared your details with several of my friends as I think your product is fantastic. Thanks for your help,

Melissa S,

Atlanta, GA

"It is classy and looks perfect on our fireplace."

“I just wanted to let you know that we just received our hearth cover. We absolutely love it! It is exactly what is pictured on your website. It is classy and looks perfect on our fireplace. Our fireplace is now totally childproof but not ugly; a very hard combination! We think you have a great product and our only regret is that we didn't think of it!

I also appreciate you getting us the color we wanted even though it was no longer on the website. Congratulations on a great product and wonderful costumer service!"

Shira and Mark F.

Marlboro, NJ

"A pleasant customer service experience"

“I deeply appreciate all the personalized service you've provided to me. Very refreshing and unusual to have such a pleasant customer service experience nowadays!"

Pamela D.

Los Altos, CA

"It is a lifesaver and a must have for people with toddlers"

“The HearthSoft is an amazing product! I was looking for something that would keep my rough and tuff boys safe and something that wouldn’t destroy my hearth. The HearthSoft did that and more! It actually tied together the décor in my living room and provided extra seating. I don’t know how I ever lived without this product; it saved us from at least five trips to the ER. It is a lifesaver and a must have for people with toddlers!

Shannon G.

Charleston, SC

"The HearthSoft™ is absolutely the smartest product..."

“The HearthSoft™ is absolutely the smartest product to hit the baby safety market. My husband and I love it – it’s beautiful – and we no longer worry about our daughter playing near the fireplace.”

Caroline L.,

Charlottesville, VA

"On a scale from 1 to 10, I give HearthSoft™ a 15!"

“On a scale from 1 to 10, I give HearthSoft™ a 15! Excellent! We are so pleased with our purchase. HearthSoft™ is worth every penny. It looks great and not only did we get peace of mind that our children are safer around the hearth, but we also gained more seating in our family room. We are so happy with it that we may not be burning the fireplace this Fall/Winter!

Our fireplace had kind of faded into the background, and the HearthSoft is now the show piece that everyone who comes to visit talks about. It is well made, and it has truly exceeded our expectations. We’ll definitely let our friends know about Jamboo’s HearthSoft.”

Bridget M.,

Sykesville, MD

"I LOVE the HearthSoft™..."

“I LOVE the HearthSoft™ and will definitely recommend it to friends. It matches our living room perfectly, and it’s great that provides more seating (not to mention how it makes it safer for our little one). Thank you for your service”

Lisette H.,

Roswell, GA

"Great Product!"

“We ordered one of these for our house and now we are going to buy one for our parents. Great product!”

Stephen S,

Gibsonia, PA